Frequency Asked Questions

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There are several ways you can apply for housing. 1. You can download an application by visiting Applications . 2. You can drop by our office during regular business hours to pick up an application. 3. You can call our office and request an application be mailed to your residence. For any questions regarding an application, please contact our office.
You may view a full list of our developments by visiting Our Properties. Appointments to view an apartment can only be made once an offer for housing has been received by the applicant.
Income guidelines vary by program and from year to year. To obtain current income guidelines, please contact our office or view our Eligibility Requirements for Housing Assistance document listed under eligibility on the Applications page.
We are accepting applications to our waiting lists for all of our housing programs with the exception of the MRVP program which is currently closed due to the length of the waiting list and lack of vacancies in the program. We participate in the Massachusetts Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Centralized Waiting List and also run a limited Section 8 program for domestic violence victims and a project-based Section 8 program at the YMCA for homeless men.
Program waitlists are currently very lengthy. Waitlist times vary by program. Visit Housing Programs for a list of Newton Housing Authority programs and their approximate wait times.
Applicants are not permitted to choose the location they wish to live in. Housing offers are made based upon vacancy when the applicant reaches the top of the waiting list.
Apartment size varies at each development site with most developments having one-bedroom units and some developments having limited two, three, and four-bedroom units. Unit size is determined by the applicants' program assignment and household size.
Rent calculations are conducted yearly and is dependent upon the total household income. Most tenants can expect to pay 25% to 30% of their income toward rent.
Many of our housing programs give preference to Newton residents, however, you do not need to be a Newton resident to apply for housing. For more information, please contact our office.
The Newton Housing Authority has housing opportunities for persons of all abilities. Housing opportunities are subject to availability of appropriate units for individuals and families with physical disabilities.
An individual with a disability may have a personal care attendant reside with them subject to the following: the Newton Housing Authority (NHA) receiving satisfactory documentation evidencing the medical necessity, availability of an appropriately sized apartment, and approval of the NHA.
If you should become disabled while a tenant of the Newton Housing Authority (NHA) and are in need of a reasonable accommodation and/or modification, please contact our office for information on how to submit a Reasonable Accommodation request.
If you are in need of a transfer to a 1st floor unit due to declining health, please contact our office for information on how to submit a Reasonable Accommodation request. Unit transfers are subject to the availability of such a unit, proper documentation of medical necessity, and the approval of the Newton Housing Authority. Please note: The current wait time for unit transfers is approximately 1 to 2 years.
Visit the Section 8 Centralized Waiting List website listed under Convenient Links.