Frequency Asked Questions

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Call our main office to have an application mailed to you or stop by to pick one up. An application must be completely filled out and returned with the required application.
See the Properties option under the Housing menu for a list of developments. Appointments to see an apartment can only be made once an offer for housing has been received by the applicant.
Due to the fact that income guidelines are reviewed every year and at different times, current information can be requested from our office.
We are accepting applications to our waiting lists for family, senior and disabled public housing. We participate in the Massachusetts NAHRO Centralized Section 8 Waiting List and also run a limited section 8 set aside program for domestic violence victims and a project based section eight program at the YMCA for homeless men. See the “Properties” page for more information.
The time it takes to receive housing from the Newton Housing Authority varies by program. The family public housing waiting list is running about 7-10 years for standard applicants and about 2-5 for emergency cases. Senior and disabled programs are an estimated 3-5 year wait. As a result of the interest in the Section 8 Program, the wait list is very lengthy. Due to the small size of the domestic violence and project based section programs, the waiting list is also lengthy.
No, offers are made based on what becomes vacant when an applicant reaches the top of the waiting list.
The senior and disabled developments are mostly one-bedroom apartments. There are a limited number two-bedroom and handicapped modified units available but they are running on a very long waiting list.
Tenants living in the Newton Housing Authority units can expect to pay between 25%-30% of their income toward rent.
Yes, the Newton Housing Authority has housing opportunities for disabled individuals and families. Housing opportunities are subject to availability of appropriate units for individuals and families with physical disabilities.
A disabled individual may have a personal care attendant reside with them subject to the Newton Housing Authority receiving satisfactory documentation evidencing the medical necessity and subject to the availability of an appropriate sized unit and approval of the Newton Housing Authority. All supporting documents must conform to the requirements of the Newton Housing Authority.
The Newton Housing Authority will work with care providers to determine how the Newton Housing Authority can be of help. Modifications to units such as grab bars require that the occupant follow Newton Housing Authority safety procedures in order to produce a satisfactory outcome.
The Newton Housing Authority can transfer from an upper floor unit to a 1st floor unit subject to the availability of such a unit and proper documentation of medical necessity.
You can go to the Section 8 Central Wait List link found on the Links page.